Brink: Book One. Graphic Novel Review

BRINK: BOOK ONE by Dan Abnett & INJ Culbard
Rebellion, 96pp, p/b, £12.99
Reviewed by Elloise Hopkins

A dead man, and a suspect who is either seriously drugged up or otherwise seriously out of his mind; Brink and Bridge need to work out who killed him and why he suffered so brutal a death. The man gives a coherent interview, for the most part, but still they do not understand. What is Low Theta? What is that thing, that phrase, which causes such a reaction in people? This is the beginning of something – that much is clear. But what?

Odette Habitat. Their base. Earth is dead, its people evacuated. Life exists only on the brink now, but that too has a time limit. There are those who imagine a future in a new solar system but that is a long way off, so for now, the brink is all they have.

Book one of this series, obviously set in the brink where our eponymous investigator and his equally competent partner live and work, is an introduction to what will clearly be a much larger narrative set some years after earth was no longer able to support human life.

Essentially what we have here is the first part of a science fiction detective story that manages to unite the conspiracy theory angle and investigative style of The X-Files with the harder, film noir edge of Hollywood in the 1950s, beautifully and darkly illustrated and curated on the page.

As you would expect from this publisher there are some great extras in here, including character/development artwork and an introduction from Dan Abnett discussing where the idea for Brink came from and introducing the story. A story which promises to take the reader through to a satisfying conclusion.