Caladon Falls by Vicky A. Beaver, Steve Dean, Curtis & Sarah Lyon. RPG review

CALADON FALLS by Vicky A. Beaver, Steve Dean, Curtis & Sarah Lyon, Savage Mojo, Hardback/PDF $19.95 PDF (£12.75)

Reviewed by I O’Reilly

“Caladon Falls” is a campaign setting that fits perfectly into the “Savage Suzerain” game line. Another well-crafted book standing at 148 pages and with the type of artwork and design that we’ve come to expect from the Savage Mojo studios. Like a lot of the “Suzerain” products this book is exciting and eager to encourage you into its world; one in which your Demi-God characters are this time everyday heroes from the fantasy world of Relic when it is plunged into a war.

Covering a few new races, some extra Edges and Hindrances more suitable to the fantasy world of Relic, you get the sense that Relic is probably the preferred de facto starting point for a “Savage Suzerain” campaign, before the game line launches you into the other realms of “Shanghai Vampocalypse” or “Noir Knights”. This particular campaign (the start of the War of the Wild cycle) takes your Demi-God characters up to at least Veteran or Heroic Rank, thus allowing you to start exploring the other Suzerain products with a bit more of a developed character.

As a campaign setting “Caladon Falls” is a pretty darn good fantasy setting, rich in flavour, closely modelled on a kind of European Dark Ages/Classical period (although I have a few quibbles about the naming conventions such as Penryth, Portagusta etc). The theme and the mood is well pitched too: the action kicks off straight away as Caladon is attacked by the ‘Warlocks of the Wild’ and the players are asked to get involved either as footsoldiers to the army, or as scouts, or messengers and guards. It’s nice to see a game which is unafraid of chucking the players into the middle of the narrative straight away, getting them hooked into the mechanics of the society from the word go.

The book as a whole is separated into two sections: ‘For Players’ and ‘For GM’s,’ with a nice fat campaign and a host of even more adventure ideas in the GM’s section under ‘Savage Tales’. The background material provided in the Players Section on each Noble House of Caladon, on the Church of the Trinity (the major religion of Caladon) and the history of Relic is nice, but I’d like to see more (and be willing to pay for it). More cults, religious and political groups, and a whole lot more information on the Trader Imperium would round the setting off well and give the GM’s a little more to get their teeth into.

On the whole, “Caladon Falls” is worth your money; just for the ideas and the setting if nothing else. It has a great mood and offers an interesting direction to take your campaigns in.