Charon’s Claw: The Neverwinter Saga Book 3 by R.A. Salvatore. Book review


Wizards of the Coast, h/b, £18.99, Dungeons&

Reviewed by Sandra Scholes

Based on the popular award winning action PC game, ‘Neverwinter Nights’ and forthcoming MMORPG ‘Neverwinter’, this marks the last book in the Neverwinter Saga. Set in the land of Faerun, hero Drizzt Do’Urden has warred his way through his enemies, and two other people, his lover Dahlia and Artemis entreri seek revenge against their own enemies, but Dahlia wants to take her revenge through Drizzt, yet it’s not something Drizzt wants to do.

Charon’s Claw refers to the sentient sword wielded by Herzgo Alegni, a man who can’t ever be trusted, certainly not by Drizzt. The sword seems to control Enteri, and his interest in this woman annoys him to no end. Drizzt Do’Urden only wants to live his life as he desires, considers himself a good man within reason and wants his freedom away from Menzoberranzan most of all. Many will see the similarities of Alegni’s sword to that of Stormbringer wielded by Michael Moorcock’s Elric character, but besides that many will also enjoy the series for what it is. Drizzt has come to an impasse. He has reached over two hundred years of his life, and reflects on what he has done during that time, whether it is good or bad will be for the reader to decide.

Unlike many warriors, he can see through the deceit that has trapped many who considered themselves stronger. He sees both sides, the ally and the enemy equally, and believes that they are both wrong based on their past struggles. On his trails he sees only conflict, mainly for personal or monetary gain, and dreams of better times when he was in Icewind Dale. He only hopes that his life was not lived in vain, as he has a great deal to reflect on now that he is older and wiser.

Even though this is the last of the Neverwinter Saga novels that feature the life and times of Drizzt Do’Urden, we could only hope it could also spark another series. While his lover Dahlia has a strong persuasive streak, Drizzt, despite his fighting prowess is also naive about the success of his conquests when it could go either way. It is good to see familiar names in this novel, Bruenor, Ravel, Artemis and Jearth. They all have a greater part to play and R.A. Salvatore makes sure they play it well.