Chrononauts #1. Comic Review

Chrononauts #1CHRONONAUTS #1 by Mark Millar & Sean Gordon Murphy, Image Comics, print version, $3.50/digital version, $2.99


Reviewed by Dave Brzeski

Bill and Ted have grown up… almost! This is the story of two fun-loving pals, who just happen to be scientific geniuses. They are ready to attempt the first ever manned jump back in time. Does something go wrong? Of course it does! And, in classic cliffhanger style, the first issue ends as Doctor Danny Riley lands in deep trouble—in Samarkand, in 1504—on a mission to rescue his friend and partner, Doctor Corbin Quinn.

Mark Millar catches a lot of flak these days, mainly for the way he uses rape as a plot device in his stories, but there’s no evidence of that here, at least not yet. I did, I admit, find the slightly juvenile nature of the two geniuses a little annoying, but the series has potential.

The art, by Sean Gordon Murphy is excellent, and Matt Hollingsworth did a really nice job on the colouring. I particularly liked the little visual jokes—such as the elderly lady holding up the black youth in a store robbery; and all the very recognisable time machine designs, which represented the early prototypes, before Danny was brought in to apply his skills in miniaturization.

Apparently, Chrononauts has already been fast-tracked for an upcoming move, which should boost interest. I shall certainly keep reading for a while, at least.