Cloak of Fury:Veil Knights Book Three by Rowan Casey. ebook review

CLOAK OF FURY: Veil Knights Book 3 by Rowan Casey, Harbinger, e/b, £3.99

Reviewed by Matthew Johns

This third book by the amalgam author Rowan Casey continues the tale of the Veil Knights –forever destined to be reincarnated to protect this realm from the evils that wait beyond the veil. In this present-day incarnation, something has gone wrong – none of the Veil Knights remember who they are, and magician Dante Grimm must convince them to gather up mystical artefacts that, when combined, will help to reinforce the veil that separates us from the Demimonde (another plane of existence populated by creatures from beyond our nightmares) and prevent the forces of evil from overrunning our world and enslaving humanity.

This follows Rick Fury (no relation to his near-namesake, Nick) – a rough, tough CIA field operative. A pragmatic man of action, Fury finds it hard to believe in magic despite the evidence of his eyes. Sent on a quest to uncover a not-very-mystical-sounding leather bomber jacket, he must work with the mysterious and beautiful Charade to find it before the wicked sorcerer Maleagant does.

The action rolls thick and fast off the page as Fury works his way from Boston’s Chinatown to a coastal town in Maine, battling various evildoers using his martial arts expertise, CIA-taught skills and his new-found berserker rage. Casey never fails to delight the reader, with another satisfyingly gripping page-turner that is unputdownable, and leaves the reader desperately wanting to find out what happens in the next book!