Corpse Light. Book Review

CORPSE LIGHT By Angela Slatter
Jo Fletcher Books, p/b, 400pp, £13.99
Reviewed by Matthew Johns

The second in Angela Slatter’s hugely successful Verity Fassbinder series sees Ms Fassbinder happily ensconced into domestic bliss after the events of the first novel. Rather pregnant and living with her “Normal” lover, David, Verity has been taking somewhat of a break from her investigative work in the world of the Weyrd.

However, in Verity’s world, things never stay Normal for long. She gets pulled into an insurance investigation, looking into why a lawyer’s house keeps getting inundated with mud. While obviously this has some element of the Weyrd about it, it gets much weirder when people start drowning on dry land.

Slatter’s writing makes her world of magic, mythology and normality vividly spring off the page. Obvious comparisons with Jim Butcher’s Harry Dresden novels spring to mind, and this can only be a positive thing for both. Personally, I’d love to see the Wizard Dresden meet up with Verity Fassbinder in the future for a joint adventure – that would be a great teamup! The characters are all exceptionally well-rounded, and Slatter manages to avoid using many of the expected clichés in urban fantasy. The action is thrilling, the magic magical, and the witty repartee flies thick and fast. Angela Slatter is definitely one to watch, and this reviewer will be eagerly awaiting the next instalment in the Verity Fassbinder saga.