Dark World: Ghost Stories Edited by Timothy Parker Russell. Book review

darkworldDARK WORLD: GHOST STORIES Edited by Timothy Parker Russell,

Tartarus Press, s/b, £14.95

Reviewed by Matthew Johns

This collection of ghost stories from the always reliable Tartarus Press has been released to raise funds for a children’s home in India.

All of these tales are enjoyable, and thankfully free from the gratuitous gore and swearing that much of modern horror seems to be filled with.  I could easily visualise these being brought to life in a similar way to the Roald Dahl “Tales of the Unexpected”, and making excellent television.

An eclectic mix of styles, the opening tale “Come Into My Parlour” by Reggie Oliver sets the scene well for the rest of the book.  It tells the story of a young boy and his fearsome Aunt Harriet.  When she catches him rummaging through her belongings while she’s staying with them, she tries to make him retrieve a folder from his father for her.  However, when he refuses to comply, she takes her revenge…

A thoroughly enjoyable compilation that will entertain, give some chills and also raises money for a good cause.  What’s not to like about that?!