Dead Water Edited by Maynard Sims. Book review

DEAD WATER Edited by Maynard Sims, Hersham Horror Books, s/b £6.55,

Reviewed by Matthew Johns

Dead Water is a small, but perfectly formed compendium of water-themed chilling tales.  Edited by the always good value Maynard Sims, who also contribute the final tale, “Silver”, these five tales are all superbly entertaining.

Simon Bestwick opens the collection with “The Lowland Hundred”, which tells a spooky tale of a disappearing island off the coast of Wales that is populated by blood-thirsty creatures.  Next up is Alan Spencer’s “A Night At The Lake”.  Spencer crafts an excellent tale of an heiress taking her fiancé for a boat ride on her family lake to determine if he is the right man for her.

David Moody’s “The Lucky Ones” is about a young boy, William who lives and works in a factory with his mother while his father fights an unseen war.  One day, William sees more than he is supposed to and realises that life will never be the same again.  Penultimately is Daniel S. Boucher’s “The Day of Black Rain”, a very Stephen King-like tale of students stuck in their college library while a mysterious black rain falls.  Finally, the excellent “Silver”, a melancholy tale of a young lady committed to a sanatorium who sees people in the lake that no-one else does.

A superb collection of short chillers that are ideal bed-time reading, if you don’t mind sleeping with the light on.,,