Death Metal by Armand Rosamilia. Ebook Review

DEATH METAL by Armand Rosamilia, Rymfire Books, kindle, £1.92/$2.99,

Reviewed by David Brzeski

Armand Rosamilia usually writes violent zombie gorefests, which are frankly not my favourite type of book. It was fortuitous then that I should happen upon this one in my “to be reviewed” heap, as it’s not a zombie book. To be perfectly honest, it’s not even horror as such, although it does feature the Satanic death metal music scene as a backdrop.

Daniel Cahill is a best-selling author of Fantasy novels. Until a few years ago, he lead a secret double life as the man behind a mysterious death metal band, DTC, who recorded seven CDs of a proposed ten CD cycle of albums, then quit.

Some of his fans believe his LSD fueled lyrics have a hidden occult message, and they want those last three albums. Somehow they have uncovered D.T.C.’s real identity. When his daughter is kidnapped, Daniel soon finds himself forced to record those final three CDs, or risk losing his child.

Armand Rosamilia is no literary genius, but then I’m sure he wouldn’t claim to be. He is, however by no means a bad writer. If he has any weak points it’s that some of this story seems a little rushed in places, as if the author is in a hurry to get to the good bits.

Despite those criticisms, it’s a good read and has some nice twists and turns.

I hope the author expands his horizons beyond zombie fiction even more in the future. I suspect there’s a sequel to this novella in the works already. In the meantime, I may just be tempted to try one of his zombie books.