DEATH’S SWEET ECHO by Maynard and Sims. Book review

DEATH’S SWEET ECHO by Maynard and Sims, Tickety Boo Press Ltd, h/b, £15

Reviewed by Matthew Johns

Maynard and Sims have built quite the reputation for quality spine-chilling fiction. No hack and slash ‘torture porn’ or sweary teenage misadventures with slashers for them, each of the thirteen tales within these pages is beautifully crafted and set within worlds that will seem strangely familiar to us all.

Each has a subtle twist – a character with not-so-obvious imperfections that are revealed towards the end of the story, a situation that isn’t what it appears to be, mysterious strangers, doppelgangers and more.

These are tales to curl up with in front of a fire on a rainy night when no-one else is around – making you start with every unexpected squeak of the floorboards, and then sleep with the lights on. Maynard and Sims are without doubt, masters of their art, terrormeisters extreme, kings of the goosebumps. If you enjoy good, old-fashioned scary stories, then this collection is one for you.