Demon Legacy. Film Review

DIRECTOR: Rand Vossier & Bob Gill
SCREENPLAY: Tracey Morse
STARRING: Lori Lethin, Melinda Cordell, Julie Brown, Billy Jayne, K.C. Martel
Reviewed by Guy Adams

I’m not sure what the collective noun for excessively chirpy sorority girls designed to appeal to male horror fans is. A tug perhaps? Let’s assume so. A ‘tug’ of sorority girls decide to have a fun weekend in a quiet cabin to help one of their number get over an awkward break-up. The best medicine will certainly be to drink a lot, clamber topless into hot tubs, flirt with lesbianism and wear the shortest shorts imaginable. If that doesn’t work then they’ll just have to stroll down the old ‘summon up demonic forces and get possessed’ road, that’ll take her mind off it for sure.

Or it would have done, had the cheating boyfriend not turned up to offer doe-eyed apologies and try and make amends by being all ineffectually heroic. *Rolls eyes* Men! They’re such scamps.

I’m sounding dreadfully snide which is slightly unfair. DEMON LEGACY isn’t completely awful, and it’s all very well my bemoaning the sexual politics but I didn’t turn away during the hot tub scene did I? No. Horror movies have always traded off titillation as much as fear and I’m nothing if not a hypocrite.

There’s fun to be had, the possessed girls give it their all as they twitch and scurry through the woods and everyone involved is pulling out the stops to provide entertainment. It’s a bit of a mess though, most especially the climax which does its best to put a sticking plaster of plot over what was only a gaping wound of vacuous enjoyment in the first place. It also rolls out two more seasoned faces for a pair of loosely sketched roles (John Savage gets to growl in some woods, battling evil with a machete as ‘The Codger’ while Eileen Dietz swung by the set for an evening to look moody next to a bonfire). Entertaining enough in parts, but easily exorcised from the mind after viewing.