Demon Dance by Sam Stone. Book review

demon-danceThe Vampire Gene Book 3: Demon Dance by Sam Stone. Murky Depths (2010) Ā£9.99

Reviewed by Jan Edwards

Demon Dance is rooted in the ruined castle of Rhuddlan, in North Wales, where Lilly is trying to right the time lines and histories of her kind. But that is the easy part. This book alternates between the now, at Rhuddlan, and the past. Lilly must navigate this without crossing into the Paradox that may well change history, and challenge her very existence as a vampire.

At the end of book two, Lilly was torn from her maker and lover, Gabrielle, and cast back to Eden. Alternating with the events where Lilly stalks the grounds (and under the grounds) of Rhuddlan are chapters that see her rushing through the ‘doors of perception’ which mark vital crossroads in the Vampire Gene’s existence. And in that melee of events, she discovers the freedom to be her own mistress.

Here are vampires with attitude, and not a fluffy bunny in sight. These are monsters, who kill without remorse though seldom without reason. And, despite their inhumanity, the reader cannot help being drawn into a surprising level of empathy with and for their plight. Enough explanation is included to read this alone, but as with most trilogies, starting at volume one will inevitably provide greater insight. Well structured and researched with a cracking pace. A good read.