Diary of a Witchcraft Shop. Book Review

DIARY OF A WITCHCRAFT SHOP by Trevor Jones and Liz Williams

NewCon Press, pb, £7.99.

Reviewed by Selina Lock

Liz Williams is best known as a science fiction and fantasy author, with works such as the Inspector Chen novels, but here she and her partner Trevor Jones give you an insight into the trials and tribulations of running a witchcraft shop inGlastonbury.

No matter what your views of witchcraft and paganism this diary is brimming with humour, honesty and downright strange occurrences. As evidenced by our own visit to Glastonbury when we found the Tor closed due to a man wielding a ceremonial knife. Apparently this kind of unusual incident can appear quite normal in a town that attracts a wide variety of eccentric people.

In part, this is the story of Trevor and Liz’s life, with the highs of knowing interesting people and the lows of serious illness. It is also a peek into the reality of the Glastonbury that is shaped by its history and connection to myths, magic and various religious beliefs. It bears little relation to the muddy music festival that has helped make the area famous…

I also enjoyed the digressions into the history of British witchcraft and the love/hate relationship residents have with Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Mists of Avalon books.

The only minor quibble I have is that it is not always obvious which authorial voice is speaking, which makes some of the entries slightly confusing. On the whole, this is a fascinating glimpse into someone else’s world.