Dissolution of Peace by Richard Flores IV. Ebook review

dissolutionDISSOLUTION OF PEACE by Richard Flores IV, 

Plasma Spyglass Press, Kindle £1.31

Reviewed by Rex Sumner
Synopsis: A love affair betweena starship military captain and her guard with a backdrop of patrolling space, first contact with not one but two alien races, a spy/assassin conspiracy and interplanetary distrust breaking down into open warfare.  This story is a throwback to the ’50’s, written in a similar style.  However today, this means that it is not scifi but fantasy, for there is not an attempt to describe any science or explain how they overcome scientific problems.  The ship’s drive is not explained, you suddenly discover the ship is massive from a casual sentence.  Aliens have advanced technology, space flight superior to ours, in the neighbouring solar system, or at least within a couple of weeks flight, yet we never knew about them.
Characterisation: This is one of the better points of the novel.  The characters are well described and act in tune with their description.  However, all the characters are military and none act in the remotest way like a military person, the ranks are bemusing and you have a Captain requiring guards on her ship, a central theme of the story, which are not just from a different branch, but not even under the Captain’s command.
Narrative:  If you suspend critical faculties, it is an enjoyable read.  However, many of the cruxes of the story lift the eyebrows and the final denouement is extremely disappointing.
Conversation: natural and flows perfectly.  Nothing jars, everyone speaks as you would expect.
Overall, disappointing.  An anachronism, should have been written and published sixty years ago.
Marks from me C, I struggled to read it.
Recommendation: read this if you feel like re-visiting the Golden Age of Sci-Fi.