Distant Frequencies by Frank Duffy. #BookReview

Distant Frequencies by Frank Duffy

Demain Publishing, pb, £6.58

reviewed by martin willoughby

This a collection of short horror stories, most of which concern zombies. While they are good pieces, they do get a little repetitive towards the end as you get to know who will end up dragging their limbs, lose various parts of their anatomy and have all the other indications of zombiehood.

This doesn’t mean the collection is bad. For those who like zombie stories, I can imagine this being a very satisfying collection. Me, I like them, but not this much. None of them stayed in my mind for very long, though some images did: parts of the story of the school reunion, ‘A Greater Horror’ for example. That may be due to my desire to NEVER go to one of those.

Aside from the school one, the rest are pretty well standard short stories that will pass the time on a wet Sunday. If you like zombie stories, then reading them while eating lunch won’t faze you. Though, to be truthful, I could each my lunch while reading these as they are not that detailed.

The writing is good, the construction is excellent, and the worlds they inhabit are detailed enough for you to get a feel for the places in which they exist. Overall, pretty standard fair but worth the time and effort to read.