Doctor Who Companion Chronicles: Beyond the Ultimate Adventure. Audio Book Review


Big Finish, CD £8.99, download £7.99,

Reviewed by Matthew Johns

Part of The Companion Chronicles, this audio book features companions Crystal (voiced by Claire Huckle), a former nightclub singer, and Jason (voiced by Noel Sullivan), a French aristocrat saved from the Guillotine by the Doctor. Colin Baker seems slightly less acerbic as the Doctor than he was when onscreen, and does a great job of bringing his Doctor back to life for this adventure.

This episode has just the three cast members, even though there are other characters – all voiced by one or the other of the companions as they relate the tale. The Doctor has instructed Jason and Crystal to record a narration of their most recent adventure, as the Time Lords have demanded a report.

The Doctor and his companions travel to another dimension, where they find themselves held hostage by an all-powerful idol who has fixed his beady eyes onto the Earth (as many Doctor Who villains seem to!). Will the Doctor come up with a cunning plan to defeat his adversary?  Will the companions make it through the adventure without being killed off?

The cast do a fantastic job of building the atmosphere and weaving yet another fantastic Doctor Who tale. The production values are, as ever from Big Finish, excellent. Sound quality is superb and being written by Terrance Dicks, a long standing writer of all things Doctor Who, the tale is exciting and will draw the listener in. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or a casual watcher, this audio book is worth checking out.

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  1. A sequel to the stage play? What an excellent idea!

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