Doctor Who Companion Chronicles: The Anachronauts. Audio Book Review


Big Finish, CD £12.99, download £9.99,

Reviewed by Matthew Johns

This is another episode in the Companion Chronicles, this time featuring Peter Purvis as Steven Taylor and Jean Marsh as Sara Kingdom alongside the First Doctor. It all begins with champagne on the Tardis to celebrate Christmas, until warning bells begin to sound – another ship is trying to materialise inside the Tardis, within the vortex. The Doctor, Steven and Sara wake up on a mysterious desert island with the crew of the other ship and no sign of the Tardis. The ship comes from Earth’s distant future – a prototype time ship, and the crew are mistrustful of the Doctor and his companions.

As the tale progresses, after thinking they are back onboard the Tardis, Steven and Sara find themselves trapped on the wrong side of the Berlin Wall in 1966 with no papers, and no way back across the wall.

As with all Big Finish audio books, the production values are excellent – good quality audio, a gripping tale and fine acting. Peter Purvis also does a fine job voicing the First Doctor, bringing William Hartnell back to life. Definitely worth seeking out for any Doctor Who fan.