Doctor Who: Gods and Monsters. Audiobook Review

doctor-who-gods-and-monstersGODS AND MONSTERS by Mike Maddox and Alan Barnes

Big Finish Productions, CD £14.99, Download £12.99

Reviewed by Matthew Johns

This is the last of the Doctor Who series featuring the black and white Tardises (Tardii?), and brings the epic series to a satisfying conclusion.

Whilst on their mission to rescue The Doctor, Ace, Hex, Sally and Lysandra find themselves in a very strange place.  Surrounded by warriors dead and alive, they find themselves drawn deeper and deeper into a deadly game orchestrated by The Doctor’s old foe, Fenric, portrayed here by the excellent John Standing (known to many as Jon Arryn in HBO’s Game of Thrones series).

Big Finish have created yet another masterpiece for Doctor Who fans young and old alike.  Whether you’ve never seen an episode with Sylvester McCoy as The Doctor, or like this reviewer grew up glued to every episode of every incarnation available, this is a treat for the ears.

Sylvester McCoy’s Doctor finds himself at the borders of insanity, but then battles back to be the strong-willed, determined character that viewers will recognise.  His voice is music to the ears, with his dulcet tones and perfect enunciation bringing life to the script.  The companions are all strong players, with Philip Olivier’s performance deserving a special mention as Hex.