Doctor Who: The Butcher of Brisbane. Audio Book Review

butcher-of-brisbane-the-cover.jpg_cover_largeDOCTOR WHO: THE BUTCHER OF BRISBANE by Marc Platt

Big Finish Productions, CD £14.99, download £12.99

Reviewed by Matthew Johns

Peter Davison’s fifth doctor and his travelling companions Turlough, Tegan and Nyssa set out to visit Tegan’s home town of Brisbane.  However, a mysterious energy beam bursts through the Tardis, making Nyssa and Turlough disappear.

Nyssa and Turlough find themselves in a frozen wasteland; trekking towards cover, they begin to find dead bodies under the snow.  All relatively normal for a day out with The Doctor, until they find one who is still alive and who recognises them even though they have never seen him before.

An old foe of The Doctor, Magnus Greel, soon surfaces and The Doctor finds himself facing gigantic mutated men, genetically modified dingoes, and an alien doctor who is trying to harness the power of Zygma beam radiation for time travel purposes.

Big Finish Productions never disappoint with their production values and audio quality.  Peter Davison is always superb as The Doctor – his mellifluous tones help to immerse the listener into the gripping storyline.

If you’ve never listened to a Big Finish audiobook, now’s the time to dip your toe into the Whovian waters and try one – you won’t be disappointed.