Doctor Who: The Jupiter Conjunction. Audio Book Review


Big Finish, CD £14.99, download £12.99

Reviewed by Matthew Johns

The latest audio book from the excellent Big Finish Productions featuring Peter Davison’s Doctor, accompanied by Tegan, Turlough and Nyssa does not disappoint.  A classic Doctor Who tale, featuring outer space action, aliens and the usual cliff-hanging chapter endings, this had me glued to my MP3 player until the end.

The Tardis lands on a comet that is being used for space freight – comets are cheaper than regular space ships, and less likely to break down or be shot out of the skies.  Cargo has been disappearing from the freight holds for some time, and when the Tardis materialises, the Doctor finds himself a convenient scapegoat.

A “Backer”, travellers hitching a lift on the comet has gone missing while exploring the surface of the comet, and Nyssa and Tegan find themselves drawn into the search for him when his friend begs for their help.

Peter Davison was always one of my favourite Doctors, and he hasn’t lost his edge – his performance has the full gamut of classic Doctor Who emotions and expressions, ranging from commanding to eccentric to compassionate.  The companions are excellent, although I do admit that I had to resort to Wikipedia searches to refresh my memory on Turlough’s background!

Whether you’re a die-hard Whovian, or a neophyte just discovering the worlds of the various Doctors, this is definitely one to check out.