Dragon Wasps. Film Review


Starring Corin Nemec, Dominika Juillet, Nikolette Noel

Directed by Joe Knee

Written by Mark Atkins

Rating: 15

Reviewed by Guy Adams

My editor, Phil Lunt, is a terrible man. He sends me things. Awful things. He makes me watch them, taking a sick pleasure in how much I suffer. “I’ve managed to get a copy of The 25th Reich,” he told me when I first agreed to take over as the chief film reviewer, acting as if a brilliant thing had just happened. It hadn’t. He showed the same enthusiasm over a copy of Curse, Singaporean Anti-Film, bore-marathon (which we cruelly gave away to someone in a competition). Imagine my fear when he started talking joyfully about a movie he had called Dragon Wasps.

Dragon Wasps is a film in which Corin Nemec runs away from some pixels. His best weapon might well have been the script, containing, as it does, dialogue an actor could snap his jaw on. It also contains performances of the level normally reserved for adult features, vague, stumbling delivery by actors that just want to get on with the money shot. Here, said shot should be the fire-breathing giant wasps that litter the jungle Nemec and his marines are trapped in. Sadly they’re more of a dry cough, being cheap CGI with all the heft and presence of an abstract concept rather than a tangible threat.

Nemec’s good value as always, and I hope he was paid well. I like him. But seeing him in this is like watching a good friend hook up with the wrong partner. It’s a cringe with every passionate, misguided kiss.