EYE OF THE SH*T STORM By Jackson Ford #BookReview


Orbit Books, s/b, £8.99

Reviewed by Matthew Johns

In book 2, Los Angeles was devastated by earthquakes caused by a psychotic child with extranormal powers. Book three of Ford’s Frost Files (dontcha just love a bit of alliteration?!) sees Teagan Frost still trying to pick up the pieces of her life after the previous book. Teagan has telekinetic powers which she puts to work as a government operative working for a black ops outfit called The China Shop while dreaming of normal life and becoming a chef.

This book opens with Teagan and her colleagues, Annie and Africa, breaking into a meth lab to prove that a local biker gang are making and dealing meth, guided remotely by Regina “Reggie” McCormack, their wheelchair-bound super-hacker. As with most things that Teagan is involved in, it doesn’t go entirely to plan. They find themselves stealing a haul of meth as proof and stopping it from going into circulation and then being chased by an enraged biker gang. Again, things don’t go quite as she’d hoped, and she ends up accidentally inhaling a huge amount of meth that turbo-charges her powers. Having dealt with that, and while suffering from massive meth come down, she gets sent on her next assignment to investigate a storage facility that seems to have become electrically charged. This, too, is caused by a young boy with powers, but thankfully he’s not psychotic.

Ford writes a great, action-packed adventure full of fun, sweary, telekinetic violence with thrills and spills aplenty. All poor Teagan wants is a chance of normal life (and to find out where this mysterious School is that all these children with abilities are coming from), but she keeps finding herself deeper and deeper in the titular sh*t. Will it ever end? Will she manage to make her relationship with Nic work without screwing it up by saying the wrong thing? Will she ever get to cook again? There’s really only one way to find out. It leaves me waiting anxiously for Ford’s next instalment of the exciting Frost Files. Still, I suspect that Teagan’s run of bad luck is not going to end anytime soon (it wouldn’t be as much fun if she settled down and lived happily ever after, would it?!).