Feeding Ambition by Lawrence Conquest. Book review

Feeding AmbitionFEEDING AMBITION by Lawrence Conquest,

Bloodbound Books, p/b, £5.12 / Kindle 77p, http://bloodboundbooks.net

Reviewed by David Brzeski

I picked this one from the list of books that had been sent to the BFS for review because it sounded a lot of fun. Frankly, the cover put me off. I didn’t like it at all, which is why I constantly passed over it in my to-be-reviewed pile for the last 18 months.

I’d love to be able to say how wrong I was to ignore this book for so long, and how wonderful it is, but sadly, I can’t. It’s okay, but nothing special.

It’s an interesting concept, a novella about a superhero team that make The Doom Patrol look downright normal by comparison. Much of the humour in the book is rooted in the fact that these misfits have powers that verge on the disgusting. Rachel McFarland, aka: China Doll, has the classic combination of strength and speed, but to fuel her power she has to eat vast amounts of food, which means she has to hide the drastic effects this has on her body under cleverly designed ceramic armour. Her friend, Oliver Rangarajan, aka: Mr Oleaginous has the power of covering anything, or anyone with a layer of his greasy sweat, through which only he can get a firm grip. Michael Chance, aka: The Incredible Sulk, is the source of the lamest joke in the book. “Don’t make me sorry, Ollie. You wouldn’t like me when I’m sorry.” Lucy Tuesday, aka: Little Miss Pester, is a 12 year old schoolgirl with a power that I can only describe as super-whingeing. Their leader, Douglas Fairfax, aka: Brainbox, has a super-brain so large he has to carry it about in a large glass tank on robotic legs.

The story involves re-animated corpses (sort of) time travel and an alien parasite. As I said—it’s not bad. It’s okay. Amusing, but not exceptionally funny. Entertaining, but not particularly exciting.