Filthy Creations 7 Edited by Rog Pile. ‘Zine Review

filthyFILTHY CREATIONS 7 Edited by Rog Pile,

The Workshop of Filthy Creation, s/b, £3.00, LINK

Reviewed by Matthew Johns

A collection of short stories and excerpts from longer works of fiction, this has an interesting mix of all sorts of fiction.  The opener, “The Wicket Man” by Franklin Marsh, tells the tale of a foul-mouthed cricketer who is burnt alive by the crowd and his fellow cricketers as penance for swearing on the pitch.  Next is “The Architect’s Table” by Penni McLaren Walker.  This tells of an architect who picks up a second hand drawing board at a car boot sale, which turns out to have belonged to an ancient Egyptian architect, and comes with a curse.

All of the tales within are very readable, and the excerpts left me wanting to read the rest of the individual pieces.  David A Riley’s selection from “Sendings” told of a house surrounded by haunted woods that is turned into an artists’ commune, while the chapters from “The Death Tableaux” by Craig Herbertson detail a mysterious talisman that seems to bring death and injury to those who possess it.

Some excellent talents are brought to light through this collection.  I will be watching for more from Pile’s publishing in future.