Forever Richard by Sue Dent. Book review

FOREVER RICHARD by Sue Dent, Black Bed Sheet $16.95

Reviewed by Maryann Boo

This is the long awaited sequel to Never Ceese, Sue Dent’s first foray into the world of Richard, a vampire, and his werewolf sister, Ceese. In this book, Sue takes us back to the early days, where we meet other members of Richard’s and Ceese’s family.

We are subsequently brought back to present day and meet Richard and Ceese, now both cured and doing their best to adjust to “normal” life. However, normal life does not come easy as Richard feels the need to mentor the newly turned young vampire, Josh, which subsequently brings them back to England. Cassie, the character that aided Richard and Ceese, features heavily and we also meet Zade, the werewolf who cursed Ceese, who has returned to claim the lady/werewolf he believes to be rightfully his.

This book deals with the intricacies of lives intertwined by friendships, love, both old and new, family and the basic human need to keep together family we hold precious.

Sue has a gift of bringing her characters to life, drawing the reader in to experience every emotion and scenery. Sue also reveals the characters’ backgrounds as we are introduced to people and past experiences that have shaped the characters into who and what they presently are.

Another success from Sue Dent. Insightful and thought provoking… well worth the wait!

It has now been announced that this is the second part of a trilogy. I look forward to part three, provisionally entitled Cyn No More.

(ebook versions available