Forgotten Hero by Brian G. Murray. Book review

Forgotten Hero by Brian G. Murray, Burning Willow Press, 2016, £19.25 P/b, £3.09 Kindle

Reviewed by Vicky Garlick

Forgotten Hero is a novel with multi character story arcs which are all intertwined within a larger story. The novel revolves around six main characters whose lives and adventures become one as they attempt to stop the Dark One from returning. The Dark One was defeated by the Divine One as she convinced one of his faithful servants; Death, to turn against his master.

The story begins as we learn The Darklord, a servant of the Dark One, brings three faithful servants from some other world of place. Known as Malice, Fury and Chaos they assist The Darklord and the Dark Brethren as they attempt to find a way to resurrect the Dark One and bring his minions from the Realm of Darkness.

There is a generous amount of mystery introduced early on which helps to set the scene and encourages the reader to keep going. We are introduced to a lot of characters within a short space of time, which to begin with was a little confusing but as the story progressed, the characters showed individual traits and characteristics.

Murray has a great way of describing the characters and the land around them and maintains a high level of detail throughout the novel. For the most part this works exceptionally well and the reader is able to visualise events as if they’re taking part, however it can occasionally elongate a number of events, especially the battle scenes, which can become a little repetitive.

There is a constant mystery throughout the story as to who Death is and why he turned against his brothers and his master. It is implied that Death is one of our six main heroes and so it becomes almost a challenge to try and identify which one of them it could be.

The story builds throughout the novel at a constant speed with a number of obstacles and challenges throughout to keep the reader entertained and curious. The main event to which the story has been heading does not disappoint and it’s full of thrilling action. I found there was some confusion concerning the fate of one of the characters but I assume all will be made clear in the next book. My only slight disappointment was that one of the big questions posed at the beginning of the novel wasn’t answered. Once again I assume this will be revealed in a later volume but I had hoped we would find out the answer towards the end. Overall I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I look forward to reading the next.

Ed: It has been confirmed that parts 2 and 3 of this trilogy are with the publisher.