Foxy Brown. Film Review

64635_largeFOXY BROWN

Director: Jack Hill Screenplay: Jack Hill

Starring: Pam Grier, Antonio Fargas, Peter Brown, Kathryn Loder, Terry Carter

Format: BluRay

Reviewed by Guy Adams

So, Lou, the chick from Arrow Films sends me shit, you know? ‘Cos the word on the street is that I dig the kind of crazy, jive-ass pictures they deal. This time it’s FOXY BROWN. I’ve heard the talk, they say she’s super-bad, you know? That’s she’s one hell of a lot of woman. And I guess that’s the real deal ‘cos Pam Grier sure is fine and if I want to watch a guy’s pecker get delivered to his girlfriend as a goddamned present then she’s the one to do it, you dig?

I can do without Fargas though, you hear? He moves like a goddamned crane with his junk on fire. I tell you straight, he pull the shit with me he throws at Foxy he’d get more than a bitch slap and a busted dressing table. I’d whup that son of a bitch.

And here’s the skinny, it ain’t just Fargas. Maybe I’d heard too much about this flick, maybe expectations were at an all time high, you feel me? Cos it didn’t hit me like I thought it would. I didn’t hate it but it weren’t the groove I expected.

The special features sure help, from chat about Blaxploitation to Sid Haig dealing the lowdown on Jack Hill (who jives hard on the commentary). Whole thing looks mighty fine too with the H and the D busting from the screen like a sweet-ass muthafucka.

That said, for this baby, the movie ain’t so much badass as acceptable buttock.