GAME CHANGERS OF THE APOCALYPSE By Mark Kirkbride , Omnium Gatherum, s/b, no price stated

Reviewed by Matthew Johns

Greg and Polly love each other very much, and are due to get married soon. The only things that could get in the way of their eternal happiness are that Greg often says the wrong thing (or says things in the wrong way), and that Polly has a severe lack of patience with him when he does that. Oh yes, and the zombie apocalypse. That’ll probably get in the way, too.

After Polly calls the wedding off when Greg manages to make it sound like he doesn’t want to get married, he wakes up the next morning to find that it is literally the end of the world – not another human can be found anywhere. Mystified, he tries desperately to find Polly. As luck would have it, he eventually bumps into her, the only other living human, and they begin to enjoy post-apocalyptic life together.

When Greg discovers a fax machine at his old office that has started printing off a manuscript of their life together – accurately showing the things that they’ve done, and showing a little of their future together, he starts to worry, particularly when that future doesn’t look rosy. People gradually start reappearing, but they are aggressive, dangerous, zombie-like and all seem to follow the command of a mysterious, and unseen puppetmaster, hunting for Greg and Polly.

Kirkbride’s writing style is instantly appealing, and he takes you on a rollercoaster ride as Polly and Greg fight to stay alive, and to stay together. This is a thrilling, and amusing read – Kirkbride has an excellent way with words, making his characters seem very believable (most people know at least one Greg), and injecting humour into situations that you wouldn’t expect to find it.

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