Ghosts of Earth by John Charles Scott. Ebook review

ghosts of earth cover skullGHOSTS OF EARTH by John Charles Scott,, e/b, £4.03 Kindle,

Reviewed by Matthew Johns

The follow up to the massively entertaining “The Legend of Adam Caine” is a beast of a book – over 700 pages of rip-roaring science fiction action, featuring the super soldier from the 21st century, Adam Caine.

Transported thousands of years in the future from his home in 2006, former marine Adam Caine becomes a living legend – “The Ghost”.  Able to enter and leave anywhere without detection, he battles against evil aliens The Core and their human allies, who are on a pretty standard evil mission to destroy all life and rule the universe.

Scott’s prose is easy to read, and while the initial size of the book may be daunting, his words flow from the page, engrossing the reader in the sometimes unbelievable exploits of Adam Caine and his reformed marines in the 41st century.  It’s easy to spot Scott’s influences as the novel progresses (Star Trek definitely springs to mind), and his humour and easy writing style make this a hard book to put down.