Glimmer Earth by Roger Why. Book review

GLIMMER EARTH  by Roger Why, Self published through, no price stated

Reviewed by Matt Johns
The final novel in the Glimmer trilogy sees Earth transformed by a combination of Glimmer (the magical force that sorcerers or Glimmermen can use to perform magic) and the evil sorcerer Vanood who has made America his home.

As various inhabitants of the Earth learn to use previously unknown Glimmer skills, rogue Glimmermen rise up to take over cities and countries.  With traditional law and order suddenly powerless to stop the new Glimmer powered criminals, the world descends into war – civil and gang.

Meanwhile in the Camborne, the world that Vanood and Glimmer originated in, the ancient sorcerer Calariel has returned from exile on another planet to wreak his revenge.  His armies of Glimmer enhanced mutants leave a trail of death and destruction in their wake, seemingly unstoppable.

John Blacker, an Earthman who learnt to use Glimmer must work with the President of what remains of America and his forces to beat Vanood on Earth, and with his friends in the Camborne to beat Calariel and save both worlds.

A rather epic novel, and a satisfying conclusion to the well-written Glimmer trilogy, Why crafts a fine and gripping tale.  A definite page turner, the suspense and well-rounded characters keep the reader enthralled even through the occasionally clunky, clichéd dialogue.