Gnomes An Adult ‘Airy Tale by Paul J. Elliott. Book review

GNOMES AN ADULT ‘AIRY TALE by Paul J. Elliott, Matador, p/b,

Reviewed by Sandra Scholes

Comedy is what is expected from this novel. As soon as you see the cover, there is no doubt that the reader will enjoy four-hundred pages of a humour-filled adult- themed novel.

Readers might be wondering why the F has been removed by force by a gnome using a mallet. That is the work of Ernest, the gnome who has an intense dislike of the letter f so much so he omits f’s from words. There is Earnest speak that goes into all the words he uses which are translated so readers don’t get confused. In this novel, Earnest is one of a bunch of gnomes who have invaded James and Alison. Cedric, Archibald, Joshua, Florence and Gertie have come, but the reason why makes this story even funnier.

James and Alison might have been the sort of couple who might make a go of their relationship, but now after ten years they have both grown bored of each other and while James hasn’t given up his smoking habit, he realises that Alison certainly hasn’t given up her penchant for booze either. The story begins when the gnomes arrive on the sort of day they shouldn’t and one particular gnome has left some of his favourite toadstools in place of the booze he’s pilfered, thus explaining whether or not Alison had been hitting the bottle. By the third chapter, Elliott introduces readers to his An Addendum on the Nature of Gnomes, where Cedric’s too long explanation of where gnomes come from is abbreviated for the good of the readers. Here, Cedric mentions the beginnings of gnomes, their evolution and the fact they don’t like JRR Tolkien for not including their kind in his famous novels. Being the down to earth type, these particular gnomes prefer Yorkshire to the south and are very proud of it.

Gnomes they might be, apart from James and Alison, but they do enjoy a laugh and some duffin, if it’s needed. There are also a few pop culture references and quotes from movies, so keep an eye out for any as I found a few I didn’t expect. I also didn’t expect, as of all the other mild-mannered gnomes, Ernest would be the only one whose dialogue was entirely in caps.  Ernest has good cause to be angry as his wife, Gertie has gone missing and no one knows where to find her as she’s cranially challenged. Ernest’s missing wife leads the two to help them find her by being whisked away to their realm. Gnomes an Adult ‘Airy Tale tells readers all they need to know about gnomes the way Elliott has written about them and how strange they are, yet they fill James and Alison’s lives with the sort of distractions they might need. Whatever the reason for picking up the book, or ordering it online, readers will be sure to look out for more of Elliott’s future novels.