Graveyard Rendezvous #6 (ed. by Sandra Sharp)

Review by Jenny Barber

This is the Guy N. Smith appreciation society 'zine. Although most of the fiction is by Guy N. Smith, they do allow "guest writers" to have stories included. Also within is the chance to win dinner with Guy N. Smith and wife, a 'Guy'll Fix It' bit and a couple of interesting articles.

But on to the stories; generally, there is a very good selection and only one of smith’s stories really falls flat – this is The Executioner which seems like a war aftermath story. It starts off very slowly only to speed up to a slow crawl before finally fizzling out.

Another story by Smith is The Hangman, which starts off much better and ends spectacularly – a very clever, crafty tale winding mobsters and murderers round and round you, drawing you in before you know it. Like it.

There is an extract from Guy N. Smith’s novel Night of the Werewolf. I enjoyed this as it was exceptionally absorbing and left me hanging enough that I wanted to read the book.

Stories by other authors are Listeners by Andy Hurst, which is an immediate draw. It slowly but effectively sucks you in making you sympathetic with the rebellious hero, and The Sucker by Peter Smith, which is brilliant as well. It is very twisty and sickly funny at the end.

The artwork is impressive but the cover loses some of its effectiveness because the bright red background glares at you, taking your mind away from the illustration, but all in all this is a great ‘zine.

This review was originally published in the January/February 1995 issue of the BFS Newsletter (Vol. 19, No. 1).