Graveyard Rendezvous Issue 35. Fanzine review


Reviewed by Jim Mcleod

Graveyard Rendezvous is the official Fanzine of UK horror author Guy N  Smith.   This may be a cheaply put together publication, however hiding behind the cheap design and made in my bedroom feel, is a fanzine brimming with devotion to the horror master.

There is a lot crammed into these pages, two nice reviews of Classic Smith novels “Deathbell” and “Bamboo Guerrillas.”  A smile inducing feature on “The Joy of Bad Books.”

As for the fiction there is a pre Crabs yarn from guy himself, featuring his detectives Odelle and Bourne.

A nice short story of justice “Just Jack” by Brooke Vaughn, set during the American Civil War.

My favourite of the fanzine is Stuart Neilds tale of an unstoppable assassin; I really liked the reveal of the Assassin’s true nature.

Topping the fanzine are an advice column from gut, a photos of Guy and friends at the  World Horror Con and the  Gynecology Quiz, compiled by Adrian Chamberlin.

Fanzines such as this live and die by appealing to the target group of fans.  Graveyard Rendezvous certainly does this; fans of Smith will lap it up.

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  1. I have every etcxpeation of enjoyment after the extracts I’ve read. At one point I thought I wasn’t going to get a copy – until Mr Prue stepped in and pointed out that Amazon do a free download to read Kindle on computers. Duhhh! Of course they would Our evening meal is over, the jobs are jobbed and I’m just settling down to read the first chapter. Your first novel and my first ebook. What a combination

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