Grimblades by Nick Kyme. Book review

GRIMBLADES  by Nick Kyme. 2010 Black Library paperback £7.99
Reviewed by M P Ericson

When a greenskin army breaks through Black Fire Pass to invade the Empire, only Prince Wilhelm of Reikland marches against it. With him are the Grimblades, veteran halberdiers whose staunch courage proves crucial in the battle against the foul creatures. Along the way, they bicker among themselves, chase an assassin, kill a civilian, and rumble with soldiers from rival regiments.

It’s all pretty good fun, actually. The opening scene at Black Fire Pass is rousing stuff, though after that the style settles into mediocrity and the plot into a paint-by-numbers exercise. Kyme’s weakness is characterisation – the individual Grimblades are hard to tell apart, which flattens and dulls an essentially psychological storyline. This could have been a fabulous novel – as it is, it provides pleasant entertainment and a surprisingly gripping finale. Worth the read.