Heroes Unlimited RPG – Armageddon Unlimited by Carl Gleba. RPG review


Reviewed by Steve Dean

Armageddon Unlimited is a sourcebook for the Heroes Unlimited RPG. As usual for Palladium books, it’s crammed from cover to cover, 160 pages of very tiny printing. (that might be an exaggeration.)

Demons and Deevils are having a war, and planet earth is about to be used as a battle field. The only thing that stands between us and total destruction is you, yes, you!

First up we have some new super powers, both minor and major, a couple of new PC super heroes, Demon Hunter, well this is the Megaverse, and Heroic Hellion. Then we have some detailed weapon descriptions and then we are into the various good guys and nasties the heroes will meet along the way.

The second half of the book is a fairly sizeable adventure, complete with maps, new bad guys, a dastardly plot and Mr Big himself, the ubiquitous Doctor Vilde. (Not sure if he’s a real doctor, probably not.)

It all hangs together pretty well, and you can either play just this setting, or break out into the wider world of the Minion Wars, as is your want.

So, some good stuff here, and an unusual mix of super heroes and demons. Something different to try on a long, winter evening.