Hidden. Book Review

hiddenHIDDEN by Benedict Jacka
Orbit Books, p/b, 352pp, £8.99
Reviewed by Matthew Johns

Jacka’s latest instalment in the Alex Versa saga sees the ex-Dark apprentice confronted by his former master, Richard, while also trying to help his friend Anne Walker, who doesn’t want his help.

Jacka does a great job of bringing his vision of magical London to life – set in contemporary London, but with a magical twist. Light and Dark mages and apprentices live, work and carry out their business across the capital, with the occasional magical battle between them. All seems as in balance as it can be, until Alex’s friend Anne is kidnapped by magical means, and he and his friends must do everything they can do find them – even if it means venturing into a shadow realm created by a deadly Dark mage.

You can always rely on Jacka to create a rip-roaring adventure through his magical world, and the cover quotes from Jim Butcher (of Harry Dresden fame) give you an idea of the calibre of his writing. The dialogue is punchy, and the prose flows off the page, engaging the reader and drawing them into Jacka’s world.

If you’ve read any of Jim Butcher’s Dresden series, then you’ll love Jacka. Give him a go, and you won’t be disappointed.