Horror Stories by Alan Toner. eBook review

horror storiesHORROR STORIES, by Alan Toner, self-published, e-book, £1.94.  www.trueghoststories.co.uk.

Reviewed by Stewart Horn

Many modern horror authors try to avoid what they see as the old clichés, and tend to focus on more subtle, psychological horrors.  So it’s nice to get a collection like this and touch base with some old friends.

Here you will find vampires, living waxworks, revenants, lots of ghosts, a haunted telly, and some EC-style revenge tales.

The stories are all fairly short, neatly plotted and written in an accessible style.  It reminded me of the R. L. Stine books I used to read to my kids, so I suspect Mr. Toner had a YA audience in mind.  That said, there is some violence, some creepy stuff, and a few sexual references, but nothing that should faze an average modern 12-year-old.

An enjoyable, fun and respectful take on some classic horror themes.