Infinity Adversary Deck. RPG review

Infinity Adversary Deck By Modiphius, £7.49, Website

Review by Seth Stauffer

Every RPG needs some kind of antagonist. There needs to be someone with the means, as well as the motive that could ruin the day for all of the player characters at a table. The problem is that no matter what game is being played, prep work for a role-playing game can be time-consuming – especially building stat blocks. Enter Modiphius, who has arrived with the Adversary Deck for Infinity. They’ve published a deck of adversaries that can be used to spice up a game and reduce the time needed to get all of your foes in order.

It’s hard not to notice that the cards are very attractive. Full-color, easy to read, and a simple layout makes them a breeze to make use of. There’s only one adversary per card with one side being an illustration of the adversary and the other side detailing vital statistics and information. As a nice addition to the appearance of the cards, the art is varied from one card to the next, and the layout of stats reflects what is visible in the books.

The cards themselves don’t come with much information. If you’re playing the game enough to want to purchase these, then it’s likely that rules for including adversaries aren’t needed. However, it would have been nice to have specified if some of the adversaries were drawn from existing texts, or if they were exclusive to this particular deck. Having exclusive content for the deck would make it a much more enticing item, but it wasn’t clear if that was the case. 

Generally speaking, resources that can make the mechanical side of gaming more efficient are often a good thing. Decks like this one are helpful to make games work a little bit faster and with a bit less prep. Is this essential? No. Is this a way to remove some tedious prep work? Yes. It’s a real helper at the table to have extras like this one, and if digital resources are an option, the PDF isn’t expensive. This deck is a nice quick fix for people that dread stat blocks and session prep.