Infinity GM Plot Deck. RPG review

Infinity GM Plot Deck By Modiphius, £7.49, Website

Review by Seth Stauffer

Deck supplements for games always make me think of recipe cards. There’s a title, the ingredients, and then a process outlined to move you from point A to B. That’s what Modiphius offers with their GM Plot Deck for Infinity

The idea itself is novel. Paired with some great art, there is an undeniable convenience factor to these cards. They’re direct, clear, and offer loads of recipes (plot hooks) for game night. This makes getting a game going much easier. For example,

Players: what we up to tonight?

GM: (Shuffles deck, draws and reveals a card to the group) This.

That’s it. Presuming the players have characters, the game is off to the races.

There wasn’t much information about the contents of the deck. Are the plots connected? Do they tie into other supplements? Are the plots faction specific? There is certainly room for this sort of thing, but it isn’t clear what the vision was supposed to be from Modiphius. If they’re just little hooks for game sessions, then that’s perfect. What’s present is excellent, but it would have interesting to see something more elaborate.

If you don’t like running ready-made adventures but feel pressed for time, an affordable deck like this could cut down on prep considerably.  Normally this kind of thing would just be for the GM, but these cards might be best as a group investment. Everyone who is going to be at the table throws in a couple of pounds, and then the deck is divvied up amongst the entire group. Now everyone is prepared if someone has to step in on game night but wasn’t ready to do so. As a resource, this deck is a handy option for a gaming group to have available in case prep work just doesn’t go as planned.