Jane by by P. F Jeffery. Book review

JANE by P. F Jeffery, Chômu Press, P/B, £13.50

Reviewed by Steve Dean

“Thousands of years in the future…”, it says on the blurb, “the division between the sexes is entrenched, turning to warfare.” No, seriously, it does! At that point I would imagine the majority of people putting the book back down. Some would take longer than others of course, but would get there in the end. All the men are fighting all the women? Yes. But…


Apparently, and despite the fact that most of the other technology has disappeared and they’re all riding around on horses, the women have perfected gynogenesis. Not a tribute band, but a technique that allows the cloning of babies without a male input, so to speak. (Anyone who looks on Wikipedia et al will immediately see the author’s mistake, unless they keep male prisoners, but then…yeah.)

What the men are doing isn’t mentioned, but as they don’t have a womb between them, I’m not sure who the women are fighting.

If this was the only problem, we could all go home happy. Unfortunately, what follows is a 416 page conversation, between the eponymous Jane and various other cardboard cut-outs, about nothing important, with interludes of dull, passionless lesbian sex. It’s over-written, full of clichéd purple prose and pretentious, ‘aren’t I clever’ moments. All of this combined with the whopping great price tag and it’s one to avoid at all cost.

The bad news doesn’t end there. I hope you’re sitting down, because there are a planned eleven more volumes in this series! For the love of trees, someone stop this woman!