Joe Frankenstein #1 & #2. Comic Review

Joe Frankenstein #1 & #2JOE FRANKENSTEIN #1 & #2 by Graham Nolan and Chuck Dixon, IDW, Comic, $3.99 each


Reviewed by Dave Brzeski

When an orphaned teenage pizza delivery boy is attacked by vampires and rescued by the Frankenstein Monster, he finds out more than he bargained for about his birth parents. He’s really a Frankenstein. The Monster has, apparently, been watching over his creator’s descendants ever since the original baron died. Quite why he’s suddenly so well-disposed towards the Frankensteins is not yet revealed. It also transpires that a mysterious woman, known only as “The Mistress” is interested in young Joe Frankenstein.

What we have here is the comic book equivalent to one of those teen horror movies, such as ‘Fright Night’. It’s well-written and Graham Nolan turns in his usual excellent standard of artwork. So far, the story isn’t particularly original, but it’s certainly interesting enough for me to want to keep reading and find out where it goes.

In issue #2, having discovered his true ancestry, and that he was being hunted by vampires under the orders of a mysterious woman, young Joe finds himself caught up in a frantic race to save the lives of his adoptive family and friends. The identity of “The Mistress” is revealed, alongside the reason she wants Joe’s blood so badly. New characters are introduced—I particularly liked “IGOR”. Lord Golgotha intrigues me too, and I’m wondering if I’ve guessed correctly as to the identity of “The Master” he answers to.

The story gathers a lot of pace in this second issue and certainly rewarded my decision to keep following this title. I’m now really looking forward to issue #3.