Kids by Paul M. Feeney. Book review

Kids by Paul M. Feeney, Dark Minds Press, Paperback £ 7.25, eBook £3.27

Reviewed by Dave Jeffery

A family weekend get together turns nasty as the kids turn on parents and guests. It’s a proverbial game of Hide and Seek as the adults come to terms with the homicidal antics of their nearest and dearest. In the mix is the constant heinous dilemma of what those who remain must do in order to survive, kill or be killed?

Feeney’s central conceit plays on the fears of every parent. What would you do if your child suddenly ran amok with an axe, and began ramping up the body count at your dinner party?  In this, the story gains traction with the reader. That Feeney takes time to set up the characters does give you some people to root for, to care about, though some are given a meagre backdrop and, to some extent, give a heads up as to what we can expect from them later on.

With a house rigged with lethal and effective booby-traps, the action gives the reader some idea of what would happen if Jigsaw from the Saw movies decided to do Home Alone. In this, there is sense of fun in the narrative, making it clear that Feeney is enjoying the ride, and this does prove infectious as the story moves with pace, using great descriptions of the old sprawling house setting and the moral quandary as parents battle their homicidal kids, creating a genuine sense of tension throughout.  

Admittedly, the ending can be seen coming from a distance, but this doesn’t detract from some good, wholesome storytelling.  

Recommended reading for those who like their horror playful and bloody.