Kill Zombie. Film Review


Starring: Yahya Gaier, Mimoun Ouled Radi, Sergio Hasselbaink, Gigi Ravelli

Directed by: Martin Smits, Erwin van de Eshof  

Screenplay: Tijs van Marle

Rating: 18

Duration: 90 mins

Reviewed by Guy Adams

You know all those Dutch zombie movies? No. You don’t. Because there aren’t any. At least there weren’t. Kill Zombie (original title Zombibi, which sounds like a living dead Haribo brand) is in a league of its own. Oops, there goes the out of context pull quote that can be used against me at a later date. But, to hell with it, I’ll let it pass because actually I enjoyed the movie.

I shouldn’t have done. It owes a huge debt to Shaun of the Dead, a much better film, the shadow of which should have been so dense that I couldn’t see a frame of Zombibi. The humour (it’s a comedy much more than a horror movie) was so broad and grotesque it deserves it’s own Channel 5 freakshow documentary where we get to watch it grow fat on nob gags fed to it by an abusive husband. Some of the performances are so large they must have been visible from space. Possibly from the very space station that, in the movie, causes the zombie outbreak after crashing on top of an Amsterdamn office building.

And yet still I found myself enjoying it. Perhaps it’s the fact that everyone involved is obviously doing so. Like when you end up at a rowdy office party, surrounded by boorish sods from HR. A few drinks too many and, caught up in the atmosphere, you end up with your buttocks on the photocopier and a cold morning of shame only hours away. A cold morning of shame surrounded by pictures of your own spotty bottom.

Let this review be my equivalent. I shouldn’t have liked it but I did. And maybe you will too.