King Death by Paul Finch. Chapbook review

KING DEATH by Paul Finch, Spectral Press, chapbook (subscription only series)

Reviewed by David Brzeski

Paul Finch got his start in the writing game by writing for TV.

This is no surprise, as he has a wonderfully visual style. This historical fantasy tale would fit in perfectly well on one of those classic “story with a twist” anthology shows that were once a staple on British TV.

He writes very engagingly, using the terminology of the period (there’s a glossary at the back, if you need it).

Rodric is, frankly, a bit of a scumbag…. a man, who finding himself lucky enough to be immune to the great plague, shows no pity for the afflicted, but simply exploits the situation for personal gain.

He is a scavenger & a conman.

The reader knows full well that Rodric is going to come to a sticky end, but it’s how he gets there that is the meat of the story. It would do the reader no service to be told in advance just how Rodric manages todig himself a hole he can’t get out of, but it is delightfully apt.

This limited to 100 copies publication is part of a subscription only chapbook series & is sadly out of print, but you can subscribe to further publications in the series.