Kzine issue 8, Edited by Graeme Hurry. Ezine review

kzine8KZINE, ISSUE 8, ed. Graeme Hurry, Kimota ebook, £1.53

Reviewed by Stewart Horn

Kzine is an established magazine published three times per year, but this issue is my first taste of it.  And I enjoyed it.  Eight stories, reviews and some editorial stuff, and varied enough in style to keep us on our toes.


‘Pickman’s Motel’, by C. I. Kemp is an affectionate update on one of Lovecraft’s most famous tales.

Dan Grace’s ‘Small Victories’ is an interesting parable about socialism versus tribalism, and how people and corporations don’t change just because they’re in space.

‘Spell Check’ by M. C. Tuggle is a simple but well written tale about accidental magic.

‘Heat’, by Steve Jordan is a flawed but entertaining tale about a ten-year-old evil genius.

‘T-Vision’ by Rickard Zwicker is a fun sci-fi whodunit.

Mjke Wood’s ‘The Abolitionist’ is a moral fable about the workings of conscience.  An original idea well told.

‘The Angel in the Hourglass’ by Douglas Sterling. For me, the highlight of the issue – the destruction of the universe told from an intensely personal point of view, as much about the mother-daughter relationship at its heart as it is about the end of time.

‘The Other Side of the Door’ by Rhonda Parrish is a sad little tale about a boy trapped with an abusive father.

The editorial and review sections seemed desultory after the quality of the stories, and I wondered if the magazine really needed them.  But overall, I liked Kzine 8.  It obviously has a very vague remit so that, regardless of your taste, there will be something here you will like.  And if your favourite thing is variety and crossed genres this could be your new favourite magazine.