KZINE – Issue Four, Edited by Graeme Hurry. Ezine review

KZINE – Issue Four, Edited by Graeme Hurry, Kimota Publications, Kindle Format, £1.53,

Reviewed by Steve Dean

Issue four already, where does the time go? And another eclectic collection of stories, as we would expect from Kzine. They range from pure horror to SF to crime via fantasy, and all the little sub-genres in between.

All of the stories are well written, original and well worth reading, but I’ll just choose a few, as time and space, despite what you might have heard, are not always infinite.

I’d just like to say I hate zombie stories, ok? Unoriginal nonsense for a dumbed-down generation. “Minus Fifteen” by Holly Day, a pen name if ever there was one, is a zombie story with a difference, in that [Spoiler Alert] it has a happy ending. It’s well written, atmospheric and even a jaded old hack like me was able to enjoy it.

“Sheep” by Steve Jordan is set in a dystopia of undisclosed time and origin. A young girl, Holly, is alone in the world apart from her dog Genghis, who is missing. She goes off in search of her pet and falls foul of a local gang of boys, who beat her up and leave her bleeding. Revenge is of course swift and bloody, the meaning of the title is revealed, and we all go home happy, apart from the boys.

“Coyotes” by Jamie Mason tells the tale of Dak and his pack of Coyotl, shape-changing coyote/human type creatures. The pack are constantly at war with the vamps, local police, and the eve-present risk of starvation. When the pack leader decides to help a lost human child, the whole pack is put at risk. The story is fairly original, and intelligent, more thoughtful than the usual werewolf crap, and gives the human side of the creatures more focus.

Overall then, another slice of original entertainment at a bargain price. A collection of stories unique to Kzine, well written, intelligent and thought-provoking.