Kzine Issue Three Edited by Graeme Hurry.EZine review

KZINE – Issue Three, Edited by Graeme Hurry, Kimota Publications, Kindle Format, £1.53

Reviewed by Steve Dean

Issue three hits us with another mix of genre and inter-genre fun. It’s best not to worry too much about genres here, just read the stories and enjoy what develops. We have an editorial this time, about the pros and cons of ebooks versus real books. I must say I’m with Graeme on this one, we can have both, it’s not an either/or situation.

Anyway, to the stories. “Artificial” by J.Michael Shell has Rheen flying through space with his AI S2Z, Suze for short. Rheen is forced to land the ship and fix some damage. Suze starts acting up and showing signs of emotion, something she wasn’t programmed for. Rheen is worried, but Suze has everything under control. Although this is a light piece and fairly humorous, it also has a depth and a thought-provoking theme on the nature of humanity. Very good.

“The Danger In Between” by Ian Welke is an example of some of the cross-genre stories within Kzine. This one is a fantasy detective story, (yes, you read that right!) Charlie is a hard-boiled hard drinking private eye, with a skill for travelling through mirrors. It has the usual dame, who is trouble, but it also has zombies and ghouls and magic wards all over the place. Surprisingly, it works very well, a good read with a satisfying ending.

“In His Eyes” by Milo James Fowler is another, this time a Sf/horror story about colonists, genetic manipulation, and aliens with liquid black eyes. It’s very atmospheric, with a lurking sense of doom right from the start. Short but very readable.

And so another issue done and dusted. Three so far with not a duff story among them. Keep this up Mr Hurry I see awards arriving at your door by the van load.