Last God Standing. Book Review

lastgodstandingLAST GOD STANDING by Michael Boatman
Angry Robot Books, p/b, 396pp, £8.99
Reviewed by Matthew Johns

We’ve all heard of God – Supreme Being, creator of heaven and earth, wannabe standup comic, right?  In Michael Boatman’s excellent novel, the God that we’re all familiar with is attempting a change of career.  He’s signed a covenant with all the other deities to let humanity go it alone, and has been incarnated as a human, so that he can try life himself.

Boatman’s novel is witty, at times downright hilarious, and packed to the gills with every deity you could possibly imagine – everyone from Ra to Shiva to Buddha makes an appearance as God (or Lando Calrissian Darnell Cooper, as he’s known in this life) finds himself beset by other gods trying to kill him in the name of “The Coming”.

Boatman’s prose is superb – as you would expect from someone with such a pedigree in comedy (most people will recognise him from his role as Carter Heywood in Spin City), it bubbles over with irreverence and brilliant dialogue.  The subject matter will of course prove to be divisive, but it is plain to see that while Boatman is poking some degree of fun at organised religions, he does so respectfully without malice.