Legion of the Damned by Rob Sanders. Book review

WARHAMMER 40K: LEGION OF THE DAMNED by Rob Sanders, Black Library p/b £8.99

Reviewed by Steve Dean

Ever since the Keeler comet passed through the eye of terror, its once elliptical orbit has become erratic. Now, everywhere it goes it causes a madness known as the cholercaust. And following on in its bloody wake is a fleet of chaos World Eaters traitor space marines.

On the cemetery world of Certus Minor, the fun has already started, the citizens turning into a zombie-like blood thirsty mob.

The only thing that stands between the planets total fall into chaos is a small group of Excoriators space marines and some battle sisters.

This one takes a while to get into its stride, with some back story about Kersh, a disgraced space marine. It’s not bad, but it does slow down the first part of the story. We soon get going though, and the rest of the book is pretty much what you’d expect from these Space Marine Battles novels. It’s well written, the descriptions are good and the battle as realistic as it can be. The ending is fairly original, there’s a nice touch or irony regarding the final fate of the surviving civilians.

Overall, probably not the best in this particular series, but it’s certainly good enough to take its rightful place among the others.