Leviathan Falls by James A. Corey #BookReview #SciFi

Leviathan Falls by James A. Corey

Orbit, hb, £13.77

Reviewed by Sarah Deeming

A powerful force is coming, and there may be no way to stop it from destroying humanity. Elvi Okoye is undertaking a last ditched scientific mission to understand the gate builders, what they were and how they ended, even if it costs her everything. Colonel Aliana Tanaka hunts for Duarte’s consciousness and his absent daughter, Tessa. Tessa is hiding on the Rocinante with James Holden, who are searching for a future beyond the war, a place where humanity can rebuild after the chaos of the past but is the Roci’s crew willing to pay the price?

As series endings go, they don’t come much bigger than the last book of The Expanse series and, as such, has a fitting climax. I won’t give out any exact details, so I won’t ruin your enjoyment of it, but you won’t be disappointed.

The tone is bitter-sweet, with James and Naomi reuniting after being apart for so long. It is impossible to escape the human cost involved and the emotional and physical traumas that can’t be healed. In the middle of the fighting and the running, I felt that it was important to acknowledge the sacrifice the Roci’s crew made for everyone. This theme was revisited often, some people may consider it too often. Certainly, there was no denying the authors were bringing the series to an end, and it wouldn’t be pretty.

Colonel Aliana Tanaka is a brilliant character, cold and ruthless in her hunt for Duarte, whose consciousness is everywhere and nowhere, and Tessa, his daughter. She shares an equal stage with the already established characters. She is the human face of this book’s threat, and that makes her my standout character because she gave me someone identifiable to fear.

It’s hard to review such an epic book without giving away too much. I found the title Leviathan Falls created the perfect end for the series, which began with Leviathan Wakes, and the ending has hope that all the sacrifices weren’t in vain. There were enough twists and turns and difficult choices that I was physically and emotionally drained. What a book, what a series, highly recommended.